How to Calculate Percentage in Excel

In this tutorial, I will explain how to calculate the percentage and percentages in bulk in Excel.

Excel is a very functional tool for data analysis and management, and if you can use it well, you can significantly improve your work efficiency, so there is no better way than to get used to it.

However, the richer the functions, the more difficult it is for beginners to understand the processing methods. For example, do you know how to calculate percentages in Excel?

Next, we will see how to calculate the percentage all at once in Excel using the following sample data.

Sample Data

In this case, I will calculate the percentage of sales of tomatoes among the total sales of vegetables in the grocery store.

You can use the formula to find ratio= number in the object/ the whole number x 100, so in Excel, you can enter the percentage formula as shown here in the cell. In this case, let's say =C3/$C$8*100.

Calculate the Percentage
Calculate the Percentage in Excel

After confirming the calculation with the ENTER key, use the AUTO-FILL function (drag and drop the cross that appears in the lower right corner of the calculated cell) to perform the percentage calculation at once.

Then, you can find the percentage at once as follows:

Calculate Percentages using AutoFill
Calculate Percentage using the AutoFill function

You can set the number of digits in these significant figures as you like (right-click on the range, format the cells, and enter numbers, digits, and numbers).

How to calculate percentages in bulk in Excel

I will also explain how to calculate percentages in Excel in bulk. You can do it in the same way as the method above.

Specifically, let's enter the formula "Percentage = number of object/number of whole" in the formula.

In this case, =C3/$C$8.

After confirming with the ENTER button, perform the percentage calculation in batch by the autofill function.

If you have already calculated and got the decimal numbers and want to convert them into percentages in a batch, you can select the percentage range and press the "%" mark in the toolbar. This will allow you to convert from decimal numbers to percentages in one go.

How to Calculate Percentage in Excel 4
Convert from Decimal Numbers to Percentages


In this tutorial, I have explained how to calculate percentages in bulk in Excel.

You can just type the formula, use auto-fill after the calculation, and use the % sign on the toolbar to convert numbers to the percentages.

Let's master the different processes in Excel and make your daily work more efficient.

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