MySQL DELETE Statement and Examples

How to Use the DELETE Statement in MySQL

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use the MySQL DELETE statement to delete rows from a table in a database.

These are four basic SQL statements: SELECT (retrieve rows), INSERT (adding rows), UPDATE (update the existing rows), and DELETE (delete rows).

This tutorial explains how to delete rows using the DELETE statement.

To delete one or more rows from a table in a MySQL database, write a MySQL DELETE statement like this:

WHERE conditions;

In the above statement, you need to specify the existing table from which you want to delete the records and conditions in the WHERE clause.

MySQL DELETE Statement Examples

For example, suppose you have a table named employees in your database that consists of 4 columns: employee_id, employee_name, date_of_birth, and department.

#ID_300001Josefina JohnsonMarch 21st 1986IT
#ID_300002Charles HarmonFebruary 2nd 1988Finance and Accounting
#ID_300003Glen WoodAugust 27th 1990Sales and Marketing
#ID_300004Johanna CastilloAugust 24th 1992IT
#ID_300005Owen ClaytonSeptember 26th 1995Sales and Marketing
#ID_300007Francis LewisJuly 14th 1996Business Development
#ID_300008Holly RobertsonJuly 25th 1997Sales and Marketing
#ID_300009Michele LopezDecember 3rd 1998Business Development

Delete a single row

This example shows how to delete a single row.

If you want to delete a row where employee_id is equal to #ID_300002, you can write a statement like this:

DELETE FROM employees
WHERE employee_id = "#ID_300002";

MySQL deletes a record where employee_id is #ID_300002. Only one row matches the condition in the WHERE clause, so only one row is affected.

Delete multiple rows

This example shows how MySQL can delete multiple rows in a single statement.

MySQL will delete all rows that matche the conditions specified in the WHERE clause.

For example, if you want to delete rows where the department column is "IT," you can write a SQL query like this:

DELETE FROM employees
WHERE department = "IT";

This SQL query will delete two rows from the "employees" table.


In this tutorial, you have learned how to delete one or more rows from an existing table in a database using the DELETE statement. MySQL will only delete rows that meet the specified criteria.

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