MySQL DROP USER – Delete Users in MySQL

How to remove user accounts in MySQL with Examples

This tutorial explains how to use the DROP USER statement to delete user accounts and their privileges in MySQL.

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The syntax of the DROP USER statement is as follows:

DROP USER user [, user] ...


  • To delete a user account, specify the account name in user_name@host_name
  • The user account to be deleted must exist, or MySQL will issue an error if it does not exist
  • To delete a user account, you must have global CREATE or DELETE privileges in the MySQL system database
  • You can delete multiple user accounts with a single DROP USER statement


Example 1: Drop a single user

In this example, we will first create a new user account named db_user1 with the password pass12345. To do this, we will use the following statement:

CREATE USER db_user1 IDENTIFIED BY "pass12345";

Next, use the following statement to select all users of MySQL:

SELECT user, host
FROM mysql.user;

Now, if the user account db_user1 is created successfully, you can see it in the list of user accounts.

To remove this user account from MySQL, use the following statement:

DROP USER db_user1;

Now, select all user accounts and then check again. If nothing wrong, this user account has been removed from the MySQL database server already.

Example 2: Delete multiple users

This example shows you how to delete two user accounts with a single DROP USER statement.

Deleting multiple user accounts in MySQL is easy, as you can see in the following statement:

DROP USER db_user1, db_user2;

Here, db_user1 and db_user2, if they exist, are deleted with this statement. Note that MySQL only deletes existing user accounts and will issue an error for any non-existent user account that you are trying to delete.

For example, if both user accounts do not exist, you will see a message like the following:

[Err] 1396 - Operation DROP USER failed for 'db_user1'@'%','db_user2'@'%'


This tutorial described how to delete one or more user accounts in MySQL using the MySQL DROP USER statement. To delete a user account from the MySQL database server, you must have the global CREATE or DELETE permission. To add users in MySQL, use CREATE USER statement.

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