How to Calculate Profit Margin and Examples


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How to Calculate Gross Profit and Examples


How do you calculate gross profit? This article explains how to calculate gross profit and the meaning of gross profit. What is gross profit? “Gross profit” in the income statement is the sales amount minus the cost of goods sold. It shows the profit obtained in the business. For manufacturing, the cost of production is … Read more

How to Find the Average


How to find the average with examples How do you find the average? In mathematics, what people usually refer to as the average is known as the “mean” or “average number.” There are two types of averages: the “mode” and the “median,” which you learn about when studying statistics. However, in most mathematical applications, the … Read more

How to Calculate the Percentage with Examples


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How to Calculate GPA with Examples


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What is StringBuilder in C# and How to Use it

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C# Read Text File with StreamReader

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C# Write to File with the File Class and StreamWriter

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C# switch case Statements with Examples

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C# if-else Statements with Examples

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C# while Loop Statement with Examples

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MySQL LIKE Operator Pattern Matching and Examples


In this tutorial, you will learn how to use the MySQL LIKE operator in the WHERE clause of a SELECT statement to retrieve records based on pattern matching. You can use MySQL LIKE to search for any records that meet the specified pattern. MySQL supports two wildcard characters, the percent sign (%) and the underscore sign (_), … Read more

C# for Loop Statement with Examples

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Excel ROUNDUP Function with Examples

How to Use the ROUNDUP Function in Excel In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to use the Excel ROUNDUP function.  ROUNDUP is a function to round a number up away from 0. ROUNDUP Syntax The syntax of the ROUNDUP() function is as follows: =ROUNDUP(number, num_digits) Return value A rounded number Arguments number: the number that you want … Read more