C# Dictionary with Examples

Dictionary in C# C# has a class called “Dictionary” that can be used for many purposes. This tutorial shows how to declare, define, and initialize Dictionary in C# and how to use it in practice with code examples. See more tutorials: What is a list in C#? What is an array in C#? What is … Read more

C# Array with Examples

What is an array in C#? What exactly is an array in C#? Variables are used to hold values in programming, but a large number of variables may be needed at once. Writing code in this situation is difficult because each variable must be declared one by one. Lean more: List vs. Array in C# … Read more

C# List vs. Array

What is the Difference between arrays and lists in C#? In C#, there are two ways to handle multiple data: arrays and lists. Arrays and lists differ in the conditions used and initialization methods.Understanding the difference between arrays and lists and how they are initialized will broaden the scope of your project. Arrays and lists … Read more

C# List Length – Get the Length of a List

How to get the length of a list in C# In this tutorial, you will learn how to get the list length and how to use it in combination with other list methods in C#. Sometimes it is necessary to know the number of items in a list.Once the length of the list is known, … Read more

C# Sort Array with Examples

How to sort an array using Array Sort() method In this tutorial, you will learn how to sort an array in C# using the Array Sort method(). In addition to the list type, there is an array type as a data format for storing multiple data. For data in the list format, there is a … Read more

C# String Length – Get the Length of a String

How to get the length of a string This tutorial explains how to get the string length in C#. Once you know the length of a string, you can use it in string methods such as Remove(), Replace(), and Substring(). C# String Contains Substring String length syntax To get the length of a string, use … Read more

C# List – Using Lists in C#

What is a List in C#? C# has a List<T> data structure for handling values of the same data type together. Unlike arrays, Lists allow elements to be easily added or removed. Therefore, if the number of elements changes, you should use List<T>. A “List” is a collection of the same data type’s values. Lists, … Read more

C# Remove Duplicates from List

How to remove duplicates from a list in C# This tutorial explains how to remove duplicates from a list in C#. We will introduce three different ways how to remove duplicates from a list. When using the List <T> class, you may want to manage data without duplicate elements. However, with the current List<T> class, … Read more

C# Add Multiple Items to List

How to Add Multiple Items to a List in C# In this tutorial, you will learn how to add multiple items to a list in C#. To add an item to a list, we use the List<T>.Add() method. To add multiple items, we use List.AddRange() method. Learn more: What is a List in C#? Remove … Read more

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How to Calculate Gross Profit and Examples


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How to Find the Average


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How to Calculate the Percentage with Examples


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How to Calculate GPA with Examples


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