Excel MIN Function with Examples

How to Use the MIN Function in Excel

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to use the Excel MIN function

MIN is a function to get the smallest value in a set of values.

MIN Syntax

The syntax of the MIN() function is as follows:

=MIN(value1, [value2], ...)


  • value1: The first argument
  • value2: [Optional]. The second argument


  • You can specify up to 255 arguments.
  • Arguments (value1value2,...) can either be numbers, arrays, or references containing numeric values.
  • If the arguments contain no numbers, MIN() returns 0.
  • Text, empty cells, or logical values in the array or reference are ignored.

MIN Function Examples

Example 1

The following example gets the smallest value in a group of 3 numbers:


The above formula returns 30, which is the smallest value amount 100, 30, and 240.

Let's see more examples below.
Demo data:

1DateItem CodeItem NameQtyUnit PriceAmount
211/4/2019Item1001Dell Desktop Green 1312003600
311/4/2019Item1002Dell Desktop Black 2112401240
411/5/2019Item1003Dell Desktop Blue 3311303390
511/5/2019Item1003Dell Desktop Blue 3411304520
611/5/2019Item1002Dell Desktop Black 2512406200
711/6/2019Item1001Dell Desktop Green 1111201120
811/7/2019Item1001Dell Desktop Green 1211502300
911/9/2019Item1003Dell Desktop Blue 3411004400
1011/9/2019Item1002Dell Desktop Black 2612007200
1111/10/2019Item1003Dell Desktop Blue 3310003000

Example 2

You can get the smallest value in a range of cells, as the following example shows:


MIN returns 1120, which is the smallest value in the range F2: F11.

Example 3

Here is another example of the MIN() function:


MIN returns 1000, which is the smallest value in the group.

Example 4

If a cell or a range of cells doesn't contain numbers, MIN() returns 0. 

Here is an example:


In this tutorial, you've learned how to use the Excel MIN function

You use the MIN function to get the smallest value in a group of values.

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